Unconscious men rescued from tank trucks


Two workers climbed into a tank of a tanker trailer on a company site in Wildpretstrasse in Simmering on Tuesday and passed out due to the toxic gases.

First, according to the professional fire brigade, a worker climbed into the boiler that is normally used to transport the mineral oil product bitumen. Because of the poisonous gases in the boiler, he passed out. A colleague noticed this and also climbed in to help his colleague. He also inhaled poisonous gases and passed out.


The rescued men were given oxygen

Intubated and ventilated

The alarmed forces of the professional fire brigade in Vienna climbed into the boiler wearing respiratory protection and first lifted the two unconscious onto the roof of the tanker. There the injured were immediately supplied with oxygen and then rescued in a rescue tub with a turntable ladder.

Both had to be intubated and ventilated on the spot by the paramedics. The men were flown to hospitals in two rescue helicopters.

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