Under Express Booking. Metro tragedy heats up morenistas

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The tragedy of the Metro, which so far has been estimated at 23 deaths and fifty injured, has given a sample of what the process of presidential succession of 2024: In social networks and opinion-makers in the media they try to find who is responsible for the collapse of the trabe of a work whose construction and maintenance has covered three administrations, that of Marcelo Ebrard, Miguel Angel Mancera Y Claudia Sheinbaum.

Although there are allegations against Mancera, the media battle focuses on two presidential the self-called Fourth Transformation: Ebrard and Sheinbaum, whose supporters try to blame the opposite.

As soon as the magnitude of the fact when the networks were already blaming today Chancellor Ebrard. In a few minutes the reaction came and versions about the lack of maintenance by the Sheinbaum government.

They tell us that media operators and morenista sympathizers both sides began to “sensitize” journalists with versions that exonerated either the chancellor or the the head of government.

The investigations and expert opinions, in the best of cases, they will be able to determine the degree of responsibility of these officials, if they have it, but for the moment, for many the tragedy showed the intensity with which the Morenoites will fight for the candidacy for the Presidency in 2024.

Line 12, the tinsel, is now part of the arsenal …



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