Andrew Garfield in a The Landing Thriller Version, a writer back in his village of Anatolia overwhelmed by the heaviness of a repetitive provincial life, a Sherlock Holmes looking like Jackie Chan in defense of the Chinese Empire .. What do you have to see at the cinema this week? The selection and advice of the editorial staff of Figaro.
            Things to See ● Under the Silver Lake, David Robert Mitchell's thriller, 2:19 In this La La noir noir, in a Los Angeles that has tipped to the dark side, it all starts with an eternal teen, named Sam (Andrew Garfield), who returns home him. He is threatened with eviction by his owner. Sam does not have a penny and does not seem to care. On his balcony, he takes binoculars and looks at his neighbor topless. On television, a billionaire is kidnapped in mysterious circumstances. And a young platinum blonde named Sarah (Riley Keough) burst into the hero's condominium. She has a small dog and a face that we do not forget. In the pool, it does not only disturb the surface of the water. However, barely approached, hardly seduced, barely kissed, the girl evaporates, like the film Hitchcock A woman disappears (1938). The story blithely juggles horror thriller, film noir and comedy of reference humor. Something is waiting to crack under the varnish of this feature film where the viewer will have to abandon his logic Cartesian if he wants to penetrate the heart of this fantasy film, where floats the underlying idea that everything is a vast conspiracy. The only conspiracy that is worth, in fact, is that of the director. His black conspiracy, melancholy and nostalgic of a Hollywood golden age that he did not know, is a beautiful daydream, hypnotic. All you have to do is dive into it. Under the Silver Lake [VOST] [Bande annonce] – Watch on Figaro Live »Read the full review on Le Figaro Premium ● The Wild Poirier, Drama Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 3:08 With The Wild Poirier, we must enter the slowness of the days, plans, scenes with ramifications confused. Nuri Bilge Ceylan is not a filmmaker for the impatient. However, the young Sinan, his central character, is impatient. Impatient to realize his ambition, to become a writer. Impatient in the face of everything that prevents him, the carelessness of his father, the inertia of his mother and sister, the useless chatter of those whom he hopes will help or advice, the weight of a narrow and repetitive provincial life. After graduation, Sinan (Dogu Demirkol, excellent) is back in his hometown of Anatolia. He is preparing the teacher's competition while hoping to finance the publication of his first book, The Wild Poirier. A vast fresco, rough and rough, which can not be easily penetrated. We go from everyday realism to long, sometimes tedious dialogues, from beautifully filmed landscapes to astonishing dreamlike visions. The Turkish filmmaker does nothing to seduce. He digs his romantic furrow in a land that is often ungrateful. And you have to follow it to the end, until the last scenes between the father and the son found again, to truly appreciate the path you have traveled. It is worthwhile to complete the journey to see the fruit of this labor. READ ALSO – Nuri Bilge Ceylan: "I like to force the limits of language" The wild pear tree [VOST] [Bande annonce] – Watch on Figaro Live ● Detective Dee, action movie of Tsui Hark, 2:12 Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, you say? In China, these two are considered amateurs next to detective Dee. In The Legend of the Celestial Kings, the last part of the triptych dedicated to the outstanding hound, the investigator (Mark Chao) is confronted with formidable masked warriors. Opponents of the day are followers of witchcraft. The confrontation looks harsh. Especially since Dee is physically diminished and must keep a permanent eye on the Supreme Temple, of which he is now guardian. No need to have seen the previous episodes to hang on these "heavenly kings". A sensational blend of action, fantasy and Wu Xia Pian (saber film), the movie sets the pace of the game. Elements of Asian culture and historical events intertwine in spectacular entertainment, magnified by the art of Tsui Hark. His staging leaves nothing to chance: sumptuous sets, breathtaking music, 3D for once useful and licked special effects, to a hallucinating final scene. Detective Dee: the legend of the heavenly kings [VOST] [Bande annonce] – Watch on Figaro Live You can see ● Mary Shelley, Haifaa al-Mansour Drama, 2 hours. Mary dreams of a destiny. But what an idea to fall in love with the poet Shelley, who forgets to tell his conquest that he already has a wife and a child! No matter, the girl will compete with her lover and the psychedelic Lord Byron by delivering Frankenstein. N / A! This biopic, which oscillates between soap opera and Jane Austen, jumps from the decorative to the cuculterie and looks without trouble. She Fanning seems absent, as if she was struggling to get out of her role in The Neon Demon. READ ALSO – She Fanning vibrant performer Mary Shelley, Frankenstein's creator Mary Shelley [VOST] [Bande annonce] – Watch on Figaro Live To avoid ● Darkest Minds: Rebellion, Jennifer Yuh Nelson Science fiction, 1:44 Teenagers discover uncontrollable psychic superpowers. Representing danger in the eyes of the government, they are quickly locked up in camps. Despite an interesting premise, between Chronicles and Hunger Games, this teen-movie gets bogged down in its clichés and turns into a very average advertising for Benetton. Darkest Minds: Rebellion [VOST] [Bande annonce] – Watch on Figaro Live ● The Spy who dropped me, comedy by Susanna Fogel, 1h57 Audrey (Mila Kunis) and her foolish friend Morgan (Kate McKinnon) play the thirty-something adventurous in a road movie on a background of espionage and burlesque action movie. It's heavy, it's long and it's mostly missed. Watch out for the rake. The Spy who dropped me [VOST] [Bande annonce] – Watch on Figaro Live We have not seen yet ● Neuilly his mother, his mother, comedy Gabriel Julien-Laferrière, 1:42 In 2008 in Neuilly his mother, Sami Benboudaoud discovered the hell of Neuilly-sur-Seine! Ten years later, while everything is going well for Sami who brilliantly finishes his studies of political science, nothing goes for his cousin Charles de Chazelle … And also, at the cinema this week Do not miss, two films two great authors of contemporary Asian cinema: the Taiwanese Edward Yang (died at 60 in 2014), and the Japanese Takeshi Kitano. We had not yet seen the full version (3:56) of A Brighter Summer Day Yang, made in 1991. The same year, Kitano delivered A Scene at the Sea, unpublished in France. A Brighter Summer Day, borrowed from a song by Elvis Presley, plunges us into 1960 Taiwan with an exceptional power of evocation. We are immersed in a multiplicity of actions and characters that intersect and collide with waves first broad, then increasingly narrow and tumultuous. In contrast to Yang's abundance, Kitano goes to the epic of narrative and image in A Scene at the Sea, which has the grace of a silent film, sentimental comedy with almost burlesque touches, to the tone bittersweet, tinged with irony. The hero is a beautiful young deaf-mute (Kuroudo Maki), a scavenger on a beach. One morning, he wants to become a surfer. A fantasy full of charm. .


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