Understanding the Importance of Leave, Which is Always Required Achmad Yurianto – The departure of Achmad Yurianto left various positive stories that he did to those around him.

He is said to be very committed to providing health services to the community in various tasks.

In addition, the former Government Spokesperson for the Handling of Covid-19 is considered a very wise superior who also pays attention to the condition of his staff.

Including often telling his subordinates to always take time off from work so they can rest.

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This is known from the tweet of one Twitter user when news of Achmad Yurianto’s passing spread.

Repro screenshot via Twitter Netizens tweet about Achmad Yurianto’s figure as a caring boss at the office

Bosses who require their staff to take time off are rare in the world of work.

Oftentimes, we have trouble getting leave of absence and have to remain burdened with work on holidays.

In fact, leave is very important for our physical and mental health.

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The importance of taking time off from work for health

A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) and published in the journal Environmental International in May 2021 found that long working hours were associated with about 745,000 deaths a year.

The causes are stroke and ischemic heart disease, whose death toll has also increased by 29 percent since 2000 due to overwork.

Overwork and chronic stress can also lead to health problems that are less deadly, but still very annoying.

tataks relax illustration

“Many people have concerns with headaches or backaches related to stress or sitting at a computer all day,” says Rachel Goldman, PhD, a New York-based clinical psychologist.

“Stress can actually worsen and is linked to many health conditions.” added, who is also an assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

Also be reminded that taking a vacation once a year cannot replace the benefits of a short vacation or a peaceful weekend without work.

Taking time off regularly can increase productivity and reduce stress.

The brain needs time to rest for a while after being constantly burdened with work.

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“Your brain can’t focus all the time,” says Christine Carter, PhD, a sociologist and senior fellow at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, at Berkeley.

He reminded, recognize mental and physical cues from our bodies when we feel the need to rest.

For example, when writing e-mail work is difficult, neck feels tense, or other complaints.

“The key is to deal with stress, manage it before it overwhelms us,” he said.

Taking a moment free from work can also be a way to recharge.

This includes not thinking about work, not taking phone calls or checking e-mail which is closely related to welfare indicators.

The indicators include greater job and life satisfaction, less reported stress and fatigue, and fewer sleep problems and common health complaints, such as back pain and headaches, according to the American Psychological Association.

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