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Undiagnosed asthma left the three-time mother of Guisborough in a coma – but now she is fighting fit again

It was something no husband should hear.

The Guisborough man, Rory Spence, 45, had a sense of "absolute terror" when he got his wife Lisa, a mother of three, seriously ill.

Ms. Spence, who works in insurance sales, was hospitalized after complaining of coughing and difficulty breathing, and no one could figure out what was wrong.

However, things got worse quickly as the doctors pulled Mr. Spence aside and said, "This is really serious, is your permission to put her into a coma?"

"I knew things got pretty serious then"

She had initially thought they were flu symptoms, but a few trips to the doctors could not pinpoint the problem.

Then, a year ago, things got worse.

"I went to bed, she woke me up early in the morning and said she can not breathe," Mr. Spence told Teesside Live.

"Her heart rate was absolutely crazy.

"Next you know she crashed into Resus.

"I knew things got pretty serious then.

"Then they decided to bring them into the department with high dependence.

"She spent the day and night there."

Lisa Spence, when she was in a coma

When her condition did not improve, Mr. Spence received the devastating news that his wife had fallen into a coma.

Fortunately, the 44-year-old has completely recovered after five days in a coma and four more days spent at James Cook University Hospital.

It was concluded that she had undiagnosed asthma exacerbated by infection.

Lisa and her family (L-R) Dan (son of Lisa), Neeve (daughter), Theo (grandson), Charlotte (Dan's girlfriend), Hayden (son), Rory Spence and Lisa Spence

Spence added, "Without the team of counselors, doctors, nurses and other helpers, she just would not be here.

"The NHS sometimes gets a stick, blaming the government, not the employees, they are just professionals and surpassing their duty.

"I want to make more people aware of how asthma can make a healthy and healthy person into a serious illness, and I also want to draw attention to the fantastic work that the NHS staff is doing."

"Fantastic work" of the NHS

To thank hospital staff and raise money for asthma UK, production manager, Mr. Spence, will battle the pain caused by arthritis in the hips and complete the London Marathon later this month.

The funds will be split equally between the charity and the James Cook Hospital. More information can be found on his donation page.

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