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Undocumented: Leïla Slimani challenges Emmanuel Macron

The novelist Leïla Slimani, Emmanuel Macron's personal representative for the Francophonie, regretted that the president did not defend "with more force and coldness" the undocumented during an exchange with a veteran this week, in a forum published Saturday in Le Monde.

On 6 November in Verdun, a veteran asked the head of state "when will you put the undocumented out of our country?" And the latter told him that those who are entitled to asylum would be welcomed but that "Those who can live freely in their country must be renewed", recalls the Franco-Moroccan author.

"It seems to me that Emmanuel Macron could have defended with more force and coldness those whom this man dreams of putting out. He could have answered dryly that we do not talk about people by summarizing the term + undocumented +, "laments the intellectual price Goncourt 2016.

"He could have told her, since we have to defend the" complex thinking ", that immigration is an issue that is so complex because it is human, painful, existential," she says.

"This veteran, I know him. Or rather, I recognize it. That bitter voice, that sour tone, that haughty way of spitting out the syllables when it says + undocumented +. All the metics of France will tell you, all the Arabs, the blacks, the without or with papers will confirm it to you: these remarks are more and more current ", regrets the novelist.

Emmanuel Macron named Leila Slimani in November 2017 as her "personal representative" for the French-speaking world. She had during the campaign publicly called to vote for him during the between-two-rounds.


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