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Unemployment down sharply in the fourth quarter

In France (excluding Mayotte), the unemployment rate, calculated according to the standards of the International Labor Office (ILO), that is to say the proportion of unemployed persons in the active population, fell by 0.3 percentage point. fourth quarter 2018.

It passes for the first time for a long time under the 9% mark, to 8.8% of the active population after a stability in the previous quarter, to settle at its lowest level since 2009, announced Thursday INSEE.

A better result than the one anticipated by the panel of economists of Reuters, which counted on a stable rate compared to that of 9.1% in the third quarter of 2018.

In metropolitan France, the number of unemployed, as defined by the ILO (*), has decreased from 90,000 in the fourth quarter to 2.5 million people. The unemployment rate fell by 0.3 points to 8.5% of the labor force. It decreases sharply for young people, especially men aged 15 to 24 (-3.6 points).

Source: INSEE
Source: INSEE

"Over a year, the unemployment rate in metropolitan France is down 0.1 point. This rate falls particularly for men aged 15 to 24 (-3.6 points and to a lesser extent for people aged 25 to 49 (-0.2 points) while it remains stable for those aged 50 or over ", Says INSEE.

Long-term unemployment is stable

Of the unemployed, 990,000 say they have been looking for a job for at least a year. The long-term unemployment rate stood at 3.4% of the labor force in the fourth quarter of 2018, as in the previous quarter. On a year, it decreases by 0.3 point.

In metropolitan France still, among the "inactive", 1.5 million want a job without being considered as unemployed in the sense of the ILO. They form what statisticians call the "halo around unemployment". Between the third and the fourth quarter of 2018, the number of people increased by 32,000 more to almost the end of 2017 (+5,000 over one year).

Among them, there are two types of population. On the one hand, students leaving school and people on leave or who have just moved. And on the other hand, people who want a job, are available, but no longer looking, especially discouragement. When they leave the "halo", they most often join the ranks of the long-term unemployed.

(*) An ILO unemployed person is a person of working age (that is, 15 years of age or over) who has not worked for even one hour during the reference week, is available to work within two weeks and has taken active job search steps in the previous month (or found a job that starts within three months).


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