As he had done for the redesign of the labour Code , Emmanuel Macron, has launched the second train of social reforms, on unemployment insurance, training and apprenticeship, receiving one-to-one trade union leaders and employers. It is labour Force that started the ball rolling on this Thursday and the CFDT, received the first on may 23, which will close Friday morning.

These interviews in head-to-head confirmed that the first subject on which the executive has provided floor – learning – is the least controversial. the ” there is no political dispute, which should allow to work through the problems on the ground “, a summary François Hommeril, the president of the GSC, which, like its counterpart of the CGT Philippe Martinez, has also said the head of State for all the evil he thought about the reform of the labour Code .

a Very strong interest from employers

On the learning, even the leader of the SGC has found at least one point of agreement with the head of the State (on the importance of developing ” schools of training of apprentices by sector “). The day also showed the very strong interest of employers for the subject. the ” This is what it should be about learning, this is not a reform, but a reform “, said Alain Griset, president of the U2P (artisans and liberal professions), claiming an assist in the hiring of permanent apprentices. Pierre Gattaz, president of Medef, has been so far as to claim that ” the funding does not pass any more by the regions “.

On this subject, as on others, the entourage of the head of State explained that the method would be the same as for the labour Code : to the summit – the Elysée – to the “base” – the cabinet of the minister of Labour : discussions at bilateral level with each, no negotiations.

This is not that have understood the social partners on the training. the ” there will be a negotiation “ between employers and trade unions, said Jean-Claude Mailly, the secretary general of the FO. It remains to specify the magnitude. This will be the issue of the guidance document in the government that will these discussions.


Even if none of them wanted to dig up the hatchet as of now, the statements of almost all the leaders of employers and unions have shown that the reform of unemployment insurance and its funding raised serious concerns. Pierre Gattaz, the more enthusiastic the release of her interview, explained that the opening of the unemployment insurance to the self-employed (and resigned) would ” a small economic problem “. Alain Griset like its counterpart of the CPME, François Asselin, while recognizing that such a safety nets appeals to some of their constituents, have pointed insistently to the risk of slipping financial. the ” of course we feared a contribution, it is not necessary to believe in father Christmas, he will have to rotate the calculators “, said François Asselin.

All trade union leaders have warned that it was no question of reducing the existing rights of the employees. Has such sensitive issues, is also responsible for the management of the scheme in which the State wants to invite to the side of the employers and employees ‘ organisations.

It is understood that the executive has chosen to take his time on the unemployment insurance, complex on the merits and politically sensitive. If, a priori, it is not a question for him to refer the matter to negotiation between the social partners, some, like Alain Griset, point out that, to start such a discussion between employers and trade unions, there is ” not require that the State summons us “.

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