Unexpected turn: There has never been such a thing in the history of the Chefs Chef

The lineup of the teams on the Chefs Chef took a dramatic turn.

The lineup of the teams on the Chefs Chef took a dramatic turn.

Once again, his dream of the grand prize was shattered for one of the Chefs Chef’s contestants after saying goodbye to another team member in yesterday’s show. In Tuesday night’s broadcast, the chefs had to perform non-routine tasks: in team cooking, without their chef, they had to create two dishes from the ingredients of a single dish, and then one of two dishes during the individual competition.

The tension could be felt in the kitchen, but individual cooking caught the contestants better than ever.

The ingredients of rosehip jam emperor crumbs and sausage-yellow pea vegetables eventually made the food of the two contestants the worst, but Eszter escaped the elimination again and Tomi left the blues team.

This has created a situation that has never been seen before in the history of the Chefs Chef: András Wolf continues to compete with a single team member.

As had happened before, the chefs excited for their companions broke out in swearing again after seeing Eszter, considered the weakest contestant, walk back to the kitchen.