Unexpectedly, the price of a used car for the 2015 Daihatsu Xenia is very tilted

Otoseken.idI don’t think Bosque, the price of a used car Daihatsu Xenia 2014 is very low. Take a look at the price list on the market.

In the market, the price of a used car Daihatsu Xenia 2015 starts from Rp. 100 million.

The 2015 Daihatsu Xenia can be an option for a used LMPV for the young year at a price of Rp. 90 million.

Yep, now the price is only Rp 90 million on the used car market (mobkas).

Yup, the price for that choice is the Daihatsu Xenia All New 1.0 Li Family 2015.

From 2004 until now there have been around 50 types of Xenia cars in Indonesia.

Daihatsu Xenia uses 2 types of engines, all using four cylinders.

Namely, 1,000 cc with 62 hp and 1,300 cc with 92 hp.

However, for performance and features, it is no less attractive than other brands.

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