Unexploded shells as souvenirs? Israeli airports ‘rare’

US tourist picks up unexploded shells from Golan Heights and reports luggage at airport
Misunderstood as a terrorist, causing a commotion at the airport, such as evacuation of passengers

Unexploded shells carried by an American tourist at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel on the 28th (local time). Tel Aviv = Associated Press

In Israel, after an American tourist reported unexploded shells picked up from a local tourist destination as luggage at the airport, nearby passengers mistook it for a terrorist attack and evacuated.

It turned out that the tourist was trying to take home the unexploded shells as a souvenir.

According to reports such as CNN and BBC in the United States on the 29th, an American family appeared with unexploded shells at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel on the night of the 28th (local time), and evacuation took place at the airport.

Before boarding the plane, the family reported shells while checking in their luggage, creating a misunderstanding that terrorists were trying to set off shells at the airport.

According to Israeli media, one of the American family members took out the shells from their backpacks and showed them to airport officials if they could put them in their suitcases.

A passenger overheard the conversation and shouted “terrorist bomb”, leading to chaos.

In a video uploaded to social media (SNS), people at the airport at the time were terrified and sprinted with all their powers or fell to the floor.

Meanwhile, an Israeli passenger jumped onto a conveyor belt for luggage and was injured and taken to hospital.

The confused American tourist boarded the plane after being questioned by airport authorities. Israeli authorities safely recovered the shells.

They were identified as trying to take home as souvenirs after picking up unexploded shells while touring the Israeli Golan Heights.

Meanwhile, Israel occupied the Golan Heights between itself and Syria after winning the Third Middle East War in 1967, triggered by Egypt’s blockade of the Tiran Strait and the ban on Israeli ships. Although this is considered illegal under international law and UN Security Council resolutions, Israel has not returned the military-positioned Golan Heights.