Unfair? Aída Morales claimed Chris Carpentier for a very fair reason – New Woman

The last episode of MasterChef Celebrity He made it very clear to Aída Morales that to win the competition he will need much more than a couple of kisses from Tatán Mejía. The actress will have to defend tooth and nail each of her preparations, because even Chris Carpentier could harm her.

And so the artist did in the most recent test where they had 60 minutes to prepare three identical dishes, using the rabbit as the main ingredient. At that time, the chef and jury of the program committed an “infraction” that Aída Morales rightly claimed.

The reproach of Aída Morales to Chris Carpentier in MasterChef

Everything went normally during the challenge and as they finished their preparations, three guest chefs tasted and rated the final dishes.

It was there that Chris Carpentier, a member of the jury together with Jorge Raush and Nicolás de Zubiría, took a butter from Aída Morales to take it to the comedian Chicho Arias and complement his preparation. As expected, the actress reacted immediately.

“Why are you taking my butter over there? No! Bring me the butter you took with you.” he claimed. A few weeks ago she had lit the fuse for seeing Tatán Mejía cheating.

To overshadow his action, Carpentier dared to flatter Aída Morales: “You don’t know it, but since you arrived I knew you were the winner.” However, she did not eat a story and replied: “No it’s not true. So that’s why he’s being disloyal to me and it doesn’t seem like it to me.”.

But everything did not end there, because the chef had the audacity to ignore the claim and continued to support Chicho Arias for several minutes of the test.

Noticing this, Aída Morales asked him for help: “I need you here now”. But a surprised Carpentier replied emphatically: “I do not go anywhere”.

After a few minutes, things calmed down and the chef approached Aída Morales to help her with whatever she needed. In the end, the actress was proud of her preparation. However, Corozo was the winner of the rabbit-based dish, receiving a rating of 9 out of 10.

The very hard experience with her father that Aída Morales recounted in MasterChef

In an episode last week and in the middle of the elimination test, Aída Morales presented her dish before the judges of MasterChef Celebrity y he remembered that his father was an expert in the preparation of desserts. For this reason, he wanted to pay tribute and recognition with the preparation of it.

“It’s a tribute that I want to pay to my father, it’s called ‘The longed-for kiss’. My father was a baker and a biscuit maker and he died of Alzheimer’s”, he began recounting.

Before the attentive gaze of the jury and her companions, the veteran actress continued telling and revealed a detail that caused a lot of sensitivity.

“The kisses and hugs that I received from my father were during his illness process and, in addition, they were because he confused me with my mother,” he confessed, causing the chefs and the presenter Daniela Bahamón to approach him to give him a fraternal hug.