‘Unhappy’: Friendship, love, sex and eschatology in the premillenial Santiago | To live | Reading club

Javier wrote speeches for a councilor of the Xunta de Galicia, but he wanted to be a writer. The dilemma was to keep a job with a fixed salary or to embark on the adventure of literature. It was then or never. And Javier didn’t think about it. Or yes, but decided to jump into the void.

And things have not gone bad. “Unhappy” has received a barrage of positive reviews (some negative also, do not hide it). It is a novel written with all the impudence and all the self-confidence that only a beginner can have. Of course, this rookie has a command of Spanish like few in these times.

Four friends study journalism in Santiago in the years that they ride between one millennium and another. They call themselves the “Circle of Vienna”, like the scientific and philosophical group that emerged in the 30s in the Austrian capital. Two decades later the lives of those four friends are not exactly what they had dreamed of.

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