News Unicaja does not fail before his audience and will...

Unicaja does not fail before his audience and will play the semifinals


Before a Martín Carpena Palace delivered, the host team did not disappoint. It didn’t matter that I had a whole Casademont Zaragoza, the Endesa League revelation team, or that Seeley completed the best individual performance of the tournament, Unicaja dodged all the bumps and found the way to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey.

The match was beautiful but it had a certainly rugged ending, imprisoned the players of both teams of nerves. The vertigo of semifinals would predict the doctor. A Brussino’s back field inexplicable. A missing in attack by Jaime Fernández childish. A bad selection of Benzing shot. The malacitano parquet looked like a schoolyard.


Seeley signed 29 points, the best performance of the Cup, but Zaragoza failed to amortize it

One of the most beautiful images of the night took place at the end of the meeting, with almost all the players already in the locker rooms and the two hobbies encouraging each other. Sportsmanship prevailed over everything else. As it should be.

To access the semifinals, Unicaja had to mitigate as he could, as much effort and collective work, Seeley’s exhibit, which ended with 29 points. The Californian kept his team ahead on the scoreboard at the start of the match and regained inspiration in the final stretch to give his team victory options, unable to take advantage of them.

Unicaja assumed command on the scoreboard at the end of the third quarter and no longer released him. Zaragoza had a ball with 45-54 to overcome the ten-point barrier for the first time but Ennis lost the ball and the game took a radical turn after that play. In just two minutes, the team of Luis Casimiro endorsed a partial 10-0 to the hands thanks to the emergence by surprise of Brizuela and began to put land in between.

A slap of Guerrero equaled the maximum difference for the locals (76-68, minute 33) and then Seeley reappeared to give excitement to the last minutes. Despite the bleeding in the rebound, unable to close their hoop Fisac ​​allowed up to 21 offensive catches to Malaga, were able to reach the last two minutes with the option of victory.

Not even a triple from 8 meters from Alberto Díaz, pulled by the stands like a real MVP, made Zaragoza lower his arms. But suddenly the nerves appeared and each play left the audience more stunned than the previous one. A face and cross that ended up favoring Unicaja. The host is still alive in the Cup. MoraBanc Andorra will be his last stumbling block this Saturday. You will have to celebrate it before.

Data sheet

Unicaja, 90 – Zaragoza, 86

Unicaja Málaga (18 + 23 + 28 + 21): Adams (10), Fernández (9), Toupane (5), Thompson (14) and Gerun (2) – initial five -, Brizuela (9), Díaz (15), Waczynski (7), Guerrero (12) and Suárez (7).

Casademont Zaragoza (23 + 25 + 15 + 23): San Miguel (4), Seeley (29), Brussino (6), Benzing (13) and Hlinason (2) – initial quintet -, Barreriro (6), Radovic (8), Alocén (-), Vázquez (10), Krejci (-) and Ennis (8).

Referees: José Antonio Martín Bertrán, Óscar Perea and Rafael Serrano. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Last quarterfinal of the Copa del Rey, played at Martín Carpena de Málaga before 10,346 spectators.


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