Unicaja intends to announce this week the signing of Jonathan Barreiro

Jonathan Barreiro.

Unicaja once again has Jonathan Barreiro on its radar. And this time it seems that the end is going to be happy. The Casademont Zaragoza player was one of the green team’s objects of desire last summer and is about to officially become the first reinforcement of the Los Guindos club for next season. For the club it is a bet that seems “safe”, since it involves finding a player with a versatile profile to play “3” and “4” and capable of helping on the rebound. Just what Unicaja needs.

Since the news pointed out by The opinion early in the afternoon on Monday, many thought it was almost impossible to think that this option could have a happy ending due to the fact that the Galician player of 2.05 meters and 24 years old renewed 12 months ago with the Zaragoza team for three seasons, for which he has a contract in force until June 2023 with the Maño team. But in reality, his departure from the hand box is taken for granted, as the journalist pointed out Olga Lorente, and that’s where Unicaja has positioned itself for several days to the point of already having the player’s “ok”.

The operation should close this week since its exit clause of 150,000 euros del Casademont increases the price considerably if he leaves his current club as of July 1. That is why it is a matter of hours or a few days before the official announcement arrives.

The point is that his team has still been left out of the European competition. This past Friday the names of the four Spanish teams that will play the Basketball Champions League were known, without the Zaragoza team among those chosen. This situation can cause movements in its squad and is what Unicaja has seized upon to think that Barreiro might be interested in looking for another destination that can put him more in the showcase. Unicaja is on the list of participating clubs in the Basketball Champions League, something that has played in its favor as it is a competition that the player from A Coruña knows well since he was a semifinalist this past year with Casademont.

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Jonathan Barreiro has grown a lot in Basket Zaragoza in recent seasons to become one of the best national players in the Endesa League. The change in position, from three to four, has made him a better player and has even made him debut in the senior team, in qualifying for the last World Cup.

In Malaga, Barreiro is seen as the natural substitute for Carlos Suárez, who has one more year left on his contract. Putting the two together in the team (with or without Tim Abromaitis next to them) would mean joining two different generations and attending a natural relief between two players who started playing in the forward position and who time has later led them to the position of power forward.

Barreiro’s numbers this past season in the Endesa League were: 8.7 points, 4.2 rebounds and a PIR of 9.5, in 22:03 minutes of play.

The Galician, who arrived in the Ebro capital in the summer of 2016 after having played two Endesa League matches with Real Madrid, finished the 2020-2021 season as the second player with the most official matches played in the history of Basketball Zaragoza.

Barring an unlikely surprise, Jonathan Barreiro will wear composer green next season. A luxury reinforcement for a Unicaja in need of good news.