UNIK 3 High-level Science Wali Syaikhona Kholil Bangkalan: Books, Bananas and Rings

MAJALENGKA PORTAL – Shaykhona Kholil Bangkalan once provided magical knowledge to his three students.

The supplies of this magic knowledge are bananas, books and rings.

Quoted from the CakNun ID Youtube Channel, culturalist Emha Ainun Najib or Cak Nun tells about Mbah Kholil’s magical knowledge of Bangkalan.

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He tells about the high-level knowledge of Shaykhona Kholil Bangkalan.

Syaikhona Kholil once gave provisions to his three students, namely bananas, books and rings.

“Shaykhona Kholil gave his three students a banana, the second a book and the third a ring,” said Cak Nun.

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The meaning of the three objects given to the student of Shaykhona Kholil is different.