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NEW DELHI, – There are some unique news from the international world that are published in the channel Global in the last week.

This includes a man in India who actually regretted winning the Rp 47 billion lottery.

The reason is, after winning, the man was overwhelmed by being asked for money by other people.

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In addition, there is news about the discovery of the sixth ocean in the world by an international team of scientists.

For more details, here is a summary of the list of articles Global Unique throughout Sunday (25/9/2022) to Saturday (1/10/2022) which you can see:

1. Winning the Lottery of IDR 47 Billion, This Man Is Overwhelmed by Many People Asking for Money

A lottery winner in India said he was overwhelmed with requests for financial assistance from many people and said he regretted winning that much money.

Anoop, a driver from the southern Indian state of Kerala, won the lottery as much as 250 million rupees or around Rp 47 billion in mid-September.

But just one week after winning the local government-organized lottery, he uploaded a video and asked strangers not to disturb him and his family.

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2. Scientists from 3 countries discovered the sixth ocean, under the earth

So far we have been introduced that there are five oceans on Earth, namely the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Southern Oceans.

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But an international team of scientists recently reported finding evidence of a sizable amount of water between Earth’s upper and lower mantle.

Evidence found during analysis of a rare diamond that formed 660 kilometers below the Earth’s surface confirms the theory that seawater is accompanying the subducting plate and entering the transition zone.

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3. His wife was told to shop at the store and then on a whim to buy the lottery, this man had a jackpot of IDR 2.9 billion

A Michigan man discovers that his wife is sent shopping to the store to turn out to be a lucky event.

While at the store, he idly bought a lottery ticket and won $190,736 or Rp. 2.9 billion.

Preston Maki, 46, of Marquette, told Michigan Lottery officials that he would not have bought Fantasy 5 tickets from the Meijer store in Marquette had it not been for a message from his wife.

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4. In Dubai, the Poor Can Grab Free Hot Bread at Vending Machines

With the cost of living soaring, the distribution of free hot bread for the poor has been introduced in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Ten vending machines were installed last week in supermarkets, with computer touch screens that allow people to choose from different types of bread.

There, people can opt for a loaf sandwich, pitta bread, or Indian-style chapati bread.

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5. The Story of a Man Withdrawing IDR 25 Billion from an ATM Without being Detected by a Bank

Have you ever imagined being able to withdraw money from automated teller machines (ATMs) indefinitely and without being detected by the bank?

That’s what happened to Dan Saunders, a resident of Wangaratta, a city north of Melbourne, Australia, who accidentally discovered a “system flaw” that allowed him to withdraw up to 1.6 million US dollars or around Rp. 25 billion from an ATM machine without the bank knowing. .

With this “personal printing press,” Saunders spent several months throwing lavish parties, chartering private jets, and helping friends pay off college tuition.

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