Unilever Overtakes Bank Jago, Salim IT Issuer Enters Top 10

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The movement of the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) last week managed to recover, although only slightly strengthened. JCI gains 0.25% on a basis point-to-point.

On Friday (25/6/2021) last weekend, the JCI closed with an appreciation of 0.17% to the level of 6,022.39.

The total transaction value for a week reached Rp 57.3 trillion, which was obtained from trading 100 billion shares more than 5.8 million times. A total of 225 stocks rose, another 266 weakened, and the remaining 156 were stagnant.

Data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) shows that foreign investors recorded net sales (net sell) in the regular market of Rp 703.34 billion during this week. However, in the cash market and negotiations there was a massive buying action with a total value of Rp 2.03 trillion.

However, the increase in the JCI which tended to be thin last week did not push the top 10 largest capitalizations (big cap) The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) rose again.

At the end of last week, the top 10 in total big cap The IDX fell again, from the previous Rp 2,913 trillion to Rp 2,888 trillion.

Market Cap Development of Big 10 Big Cap Issuers (RP T)

No. They emit June 25, 2021 No. They emit 18 June 2021 No. They emit June 11, 2021
1. Bank Central Asia/BBCA 755 1. Bank Central Asia/BBCA 772 1. Bank Central Asia/BBCA 790
2. Bank Rakyat Indonesia/BBRI 487 2. Bank Rakyat Indonesia/BBRI 477 2. Bank Rakyat Indonesia/BBRI 523
3. Telkom/TLKM 322 3. Telkom/TLKM 332 3. Telkom/TLKM 344
4. Bank Mandiri/BMRI 273 4. Bank Mandiri/BMRI 286 4. Bank Mandiri/BMRI 290
5. Astra / ASII 199 5. Astra / ASII 214 5. Astra / ASII 214
6. Unilever / UNVR 191 6. Bank Jago/ARTO 193 6. Unilever / UNVR 204
7. Bank Jago/ARTO 186 7. Unilever / UNVR 187 7. Bank Jago/ARTO 178
8. Chandra Asri/TPIA 179 8. Chandra Asri/TPIA 169 8. Chandra Asri/TPIA 143
9. Emtek/EMTK 155 9. Emtek/EMTK 142 9. Sampoerna/HMSP 140
10. DCI Indonesia/DCII 141 10. DCI Indonesia/DCII 141 10. Emtek/EMTK 138
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Source: BEI, based on stock price data, Friday (25/6/2021)

Based on the data above, the majority of the movement big cap at the end of last week looks to have strengthened. It’s just that some stocks have decreased market cap classified as a large decrease, so that it affects the total value of big cap top 10.

market capitalization (Market capPT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) shares at the end of last week reached Rp 755 trillion, decreased by Rp 17 trillion from the previous week’s Rp 772 trillion and became the biggest decline last week.

However, market cap PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI) experienced an increase at the end of last week, which rose to Rp 487 trillion or an increase of Rp 10 trillion.

Whereas for market cap PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR) shares managed to overtake market cap shares of PT Bank Jago Tbk (ARTO) at the end of last week, where market cap UNVR shares occupy the 6th position, while for ARTO shares occupy the 7th position.

As for market cap UNVR increased by Rp 4 trillion to Rp 191 trillion and market cap ARTO decreased by Rp 7 trillion to Rp 186 trillion.

While for market cap of technology stocks, PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCII) is still perched in 10th position, with market capamounted to Rp. 141 trillion. DCII shares are still perched in the 10th position because DCII shares are still suspended by the IDX.