Unions announce massive warning strikes before Easter at

Unions announce massive warning strikes before Easter

Potsdam (AP) – The people of Germany have to prepare before Easter on massive warning strikes in the public service. In the wage dispute for the 2.3 million employees at federal and local governments, the second round of negotiations in Potsdam remained without rapprochement. “I assume that in the entire range of the tariff area colleagues are involved in warning strikes,” said Verdi boss Frank Bsirske thereupon. Even airports are likely to be affected, though not directly during the holidays.

“I do not think the Easter holidays are the right time to go now, but there will be activity at the airports as well,” Bsirske said. In particular, the Verdi boss also highlighted the savings banks. Employees would have shown themselves to be particularly hard on paying their employees. Many air travelers were already affected by raiding two years ago – ground handling services at the airports belong to the municipalities. Among other things, it negotiates for educators and social workers, garbage collection workers, street cleaners, hospitals and municipalities, as well as firefighters, street guards and federal police officers. The stakes would probably last until the final round of negotiations on 15 and 16 April, so Bsirske. The top representatives of the employers were confident that they would finish in the April round. Ulrich Silberbach, head of the civil service association dbb, said: “We are grinding without end, we are disappointed, so we will increase pressure in many areas in this country in the coming days.” The dbb also represents employees.

Among other things, Verdi and dbb demand six percent more wages and at least € 200 more a month. The lower and middle wage groups should be able to participate in the good economic development, Bsirkse justified the 200 Euro claim. But, “This minimum amount meets with categorical rejection from employers, and at this point we are fundamentally different.” The president of the municipal Employers’ Association VKA, Thomas Böhle, said: “That Verdi has threatened with warning strikes, is firstly nothing new and secondly, no conclusion on the state of negotiations.” Verdi is working with warning strikes, as long as there is no result. “We have made rapport on important points, we are still far apart in others.”
Many cities were in financial trouble, hospitals had to deal with a cost cap. “That’s all under one hat,” said Böhle. The federal negotiator, Interior Secretary Hans-Georg Engelke, said: “We hope that there will be no massive strikes, because I am confident that it will succeed in the overall constellation to come to a mutually acceptable solution.” But he acknowledged: “In important points, we are quite apart.” Employers refused the required minimum amount because enough money should be spent on improving skilled workers. VKA to collective bargaining round
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