United Arab Emirates Stephen Hawking's collection at an online auction

United Arab Emirates Stephen Hawking's collection at an online auction

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Thank you for reading the news about Stephen Hawking's holdings at an online auction and now we start with the details

The legendary physicist Stephen Hawking, one of the brightest human minds, who died last March, showed a collection of 22 pieces of his personal possessions for sale at an online auction on the shoulders of Giants. , Opened two days ago, and continues to the eighth of November. The auction includes copies of Hawking's most important papers, including The Black Hole Explosions (1974), a selection of his medals and awards, and a copy of his most famous research, A Brief History of Time (1988), marked with his fingerprint, jacket, and text The scenario for his appearance in one of the episodes of the famous series «The Simsons». The estimated auction price starts at a minimum of £ 100 and the final piece of the auction, one of the Hawking wheelchairs, will be sold to the Stephen Hawking Charitable Foundation and the Nerve Motion Association.

"It was a source of pride and pride," said Thomas Wenning, head of Christie's Books and Manuscripts in London. "Christie's worked on an auction to sell these personal possessions," she said, referring to some of Hawking's achievements in science As well as highlighting his unique personality and inspiring life story. He concluded: "This auction concludes with the personal wheelchair, which Hawking conducted a world tour as one of the most outstanding scientists, and his mind set out the horizons of the temporal space, making it literally and figuratively one of the most wheelchairs that have passed through history."

One of the most prominent of the group is his thesis, which he wrote in a book he called "A Brief History of Time." It is a golden opportunity for authors of manuscripts and manuscripts, with an estimated price of between £ 100,000 and £ 150,000, one of five original versions of this thesis.

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