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On the European continent we have seen good, regular, bad governments and if we look very deep we have the current government in the United Kingdom.

I understand that if we want to lower the bar and go to other continents we can find governments that rival and even take the colors of the Rishi Sunak government in levels of ineptitude, corruption, lack of ideas and even laxity when trying to find a solution to the multitude of problems experienced by a country that does not raise its head.

When we are getting bored with Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and his successor Suella Braverman, and the names of Dominic Cummings, Liz Truss or Theresa May sound like a distant past, in the United Kingdom other politicians continue to come to the fore who they fill these gaps with new stories of corruption, tax fraud, and a moral and ethical level that leaves much to be desired.

Nadhim Zahawi who became Chancellor in the Conservative government, the second most powerful position after the Prime Minister, and while he continues in his position as Chairman of the same party, is the new protagonist in the press and tabloids in the United Kingdom.

It must be remembered that he presented himself to lead the party after the departure of Boris Johnson from the government, but he was eliminated in the first round of voting.

Nadhim, like many of his fellow bench members, come from wealthy families and in his case he has a grandfather who became governor of the Bank of Iraq and we can guess that perhaps his father when he fled the country with the family did so with some “Savings”, which would justify the possibility of being able to emigrate and allow their children to attend several elite schools in London.

In 2017 he was considered the highest-paid member of parliament thanks to his multiple investments and lack of principle when declaring profits or using tax havens to increase his assets.

Some call it meritocracy.

After all the media noise and weeks with many questions finally Rishi Sunak has requested this week that Nadhin Zahawi be investigated, while he continues in his role as Chairman of the Conservative Party.

They continue to show us their double standards and everything that continues to be the watchword of the party that led the country to Brexit under false promises and that has given us many moments in the last five years that seem to be taken from the Black Mirror series.

When it seems that it is impossible for them to continue offering stories of corruption, fines, fraud and so on, they continue to outdo themselves and surprise us with more convoluted stories.

Nadhim does not resign while it is revealed that he agreed with the HRMC (the British Treasury) a payment of an amount that he owed as a taxpayer and a fine that amounted to 4.8 million pounds sterling and whose payment he made while he was the Chancellor of the country… and they do it like this, without ruffling their hair.

He accepted the highest position in the British Exchequer, and during the brief months in office, he regularized a fraud he had committed without asking himself about the irregularity of his actions and the attempt to cover it up and solve it while he was in the highest position of power. within the Ministry of Finance.

This week the Prime Minister was fined for recording a video inside a driving car without a seatbelt. He was already fined for attending one of Boris’s infamous parties during the COVID19 lockdown.

All these fines and these sanctions do not worry them in the least and in fact they continue to occupy the most powerful positions on the islands due to the lack of interest of the citizens.

They continue to be received with honors and it is news when someone raises their voice in a public act or someone has the courage of Elisa María Lozano, who in collecting her title as the best of her promotion has used the word to raise the voice against the appointment as an illustrious student of the Complutense University of a certain leader of the Community of Madrid.

In the United Kingdom we should import a few Elisas to start being more vocal before the government that runs us.

I was listening to a clip from years ago of a Spanish “artist” in which he boasted of being able to decide who was robbing him and curiously it did not seem bad to him that they robbed him depending on which political party… and it seems that this feeling is shared by a large part of society that Despite having evidence of irregularities on the part of politicians, they look the other way and do not consider the real value of votes and what those pieces of paper mean.

The vote is a blank check and its consequences go beyond the 4 years granted to one or the other government and sometimes, as is the case in the United Kingdom where they achieved a comfortable absolute majority, the legislature can take too long. The next general elections will be in December 2024.

The polls don’t matter. It is serious that there are no tools in the hands of citizens to correct the situation and we have to endure and wait for the end of the legislature and give up several years of government.

They would like in the United Kingdom to have all the political discussion, laws, and changes that affect citizenship that happens in our country. It is preferable to suffer the current tension in Spain than the lack of political dialogue and a coma in the United Kingdom.

The country is knocked out and the population continues to watch the months go by while their mortgages rise, gas and electricity costs continue to rise and the United Kingdom continues to be the G7 country with the highest inflation.

That Nadhim Zahawi steals or Boris Johnson laughs in the face of the population does not seem to worry in the least…waiting for the next chapter of Black Mirror or perhaps it is better to compare it with Little Britain.

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