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United Kingdom. Labor affected by Brexit turbulence

Is a major split developing in the British Labor Party? On Monday, seven deputies jointly announced their resignation from Labor, calling into question Jeremy Corbyn's inaction against rampant anti-Semitism, according to them, in the main opposition party in the United Kingdom, but also, in a another order of ideas, its refusal to prevent the exit of the European Union (Brexit) in case of agreement with the European Union.

Corbyn targeted by the tabloids

Internally, various scandals related to antisemitic remarks by Labor members have been poisoning the climate for years and, because it has a long history in the anti-war movement and for the rights of the Palestinian people, Jeremy Corbyn, from the left wing of Labor when he took the lead in 2015, has often been accused of complacency on the subject by his opponents blairistes. For years, the one who is constantly referred, in particular, by the populist tabloids to his alleged friendships with the leaders of Hamas or Hezbollah, disputes all these infamous allegations, without challenging the depth of the evil within his own party. . "I recognize," he said, "for example, in March 2018, that there has been a certain amount of anti-Semitism in the Labor Party, and that it has too often been brushed aside by the hand of a few. some … "Before adding, solemnly:" But I will never be anything other than a fervent opponent of anti-Semitism. "

Behind the highlighting of the alleged laxism against anti-Semitism in the Labor – widely commented on this aspect only across the Channel – the deputies explain, first, their defection by refusing the exit of the Kingdom United Kingdom and the position of their party which, for the most part, complies with the democratic decision resulting from the referendum of June 2016. "I am furious that the direction of the Labor facilitates the Brexit", advance one of them, Mike Gapes, elected in the suburbs of London. Sign that this is the issue on which the small dissident group wants to strengthen, they immediately formed a new parliamentary group in the House of Commons, called the "Independent Group", and they hope to convince them to join some figures of conservatives supporters of a continuation in the EU, themselves totally marginalized in the majority of Theresa May.

Towards a new centrist party?

According to The Guardian, former Labor prime minister Tony Blair is actively seeking funds to launch the new centrist party. And without returning directly to a strategy already defeated twice by Jeremy Corbyn – the right wing of the Labor had tried to remove him from his internal victory, then following the referendum on Brexit – the theorist of the third social-liberal way would seek, with his colt Chuka Umunna, the leader of the resigning deputies, to push dozens of other parliamentarians to leave the Labor Party.

Put in difficulty at the very moment when his opponent, Theresa May, is entangled in his true-false negotiation of the last chance on Brexit with the European institutions, Jeremy Corbyn evokes, without raising his voice, a form of denial on the part of seven deputies. "I hope they realize they were elected to Parliament on a program that was based on investing in the future, on a more equal and just society … They were elected for this program that received support huge, but they decided to turn their backs on him. "


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