United Kingdom. The “white widow” of Daech killed by a drone in Syria


Sally Jones, aka the “white widow” has been killed by the strike of a drone u.s. last June, reports The Times. The british newspaper devotes one of its edition of Thursday, October 12, to this British of 50 years, a native of Kent, in the south of the country, who had joined the terrorist organization in Syria in 2013 with his son to marry the terrorist Junaid Hussain, 21 years. The last one had been killed in August 2015.

Former member of a punk rock band, Sally Jones, who had become “a recruiting important to Daech”, was reported to have died near the iraqi border, just like his son Joey, 12 years old, according to american intelligence services. The daily stated that, if Jones was targeted by the drone, the death of his son would not be intentional :

“It would appear that if the operators of the drone, which led the mission from a base in the United States – had been aware of the presence of the son, they would not have fired.”

Often, the drones are following their goal “for weeks”, says The Times, waiting for the right time to launch a missile, in order to avoid civilian casualties.

A son used as a “human shield”

According to the newspaper, Sally Jones would have used his son as a “human shield” to avoid being killed. the “She would have even allowed his son to participate in the making of the video, bloody propaganda where we see him take a bullet in the head of a hostage”,, tells The Times. The death of Jones door-to-six, at least, the number of british members of Daech killed by drones, says the journal. the “Frankly, good riddance”, says a government source quoted by the conservative daily.

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