United States: 26-year-old man killed by great white shark

United States: 26-year-old man killed by great white shark

A 26-year-old man died after being attacked by a great White shark Saturday, September 15 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, northeastern United States. The victim, a resident of the area, is deceased at the hospital after seriously touching the lower limbs.

A witness of the attack told Cape Cod Time have "seen a nightmare unfold" in front of him. "It was a calm day, everyone was enjoying the waves," he says. But later, "a giant eruption has come out of the water". The witness then saw an animal tail swim around a man in the water.

"You could see in his body language that something was wrong". According to him, the animal had to measure between 4 and 5 meters. "People started running, screaming like crazy that there was a shark attack."

It's already in Massachusetts that a shark attack took place on August 15 last. The man, a sixty-year-old American, had survived.

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