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United States and China sign the first phase of peace


With a solemn act, between promises to end economic insecurity for US workers and with thanks to Chinese President Xi Jinping, the US president, Donald Trump, greeted the signing of the trade agreement between the two powers. Or, more exactly, the one that has been baptized as the first part of the agreement. With this pact, Trump explained, "We fix past mistakes and offer a future of economic justice and security for American employees, farmers and families." «A good day for America, China and the world»greeted US Vice President Mike Pence, who did not forget to praise the buoyant situation in the US economy. Pence was careful to declare that "the era of economic defeats was over." "You told our friends in China that things had to change and thanks to your leadership things start to change," he added. "The biggest impact will be on the agricultural sector," said Pence, while announcing an era of progress and prosperity for American farmers and recalled progress to prevent currency manipulation and intellectual property protection. "We offer a brighter future for the people of America, China and the world," concluded a euphoric Pence.

At first, the Chinese government is committed to increase by more than 200,000 million dollars the value of imports of US products. The problem is that it is not clear how some of the essential points can be implemented. In the case of the defense of intellectual property, an old vindication of technology industries and large film studios, China would have promised to present in less than a month a kind of plan that guarantees the inviolability of American intellectual property. The fight against counterfeiting, one of the great scourges of Chinese trade and the provisions to open the economy of the Asian giant to the influence and business of US companies clear, for the moment, the fear of a new tariff war.

Considering both the act of celebration and the proposals actually contained in the document, it seems rather that the two powers have been granted a truce. An advertising pause that mixes the declarations of intentions and the toasts to the sun with the first stones on the road that should pave a systemic change in their business relationships. Not in vain a month ago Trump, rushed by scandals, pressed by the shadow of the "impeachment," wrote on Twitter: "We have agreed on a great pact in the first phase with China. We have closed many structural changes and massive purchases of agricultural products, energy and manufactured products, and much more. The 25% rates will remain as they are. The penalty rates established for December 15 do not come into effect as we reach the agreement. We will begin negotiations on the Phase Two Agreement immediately, instead of waiting until after the 2020 elections. This is an incredible deal for everyone.

The Vice Minister of Commerce of China, Wang Shouwen, responded by celebrating that "with the first phase agreement, the United States has pledged to reverse part of the tariffs applied to Chinese products and to extend the exemptions for Chinese exports." He had also taken the opportunity to explain that China is "an important export market for US agricultural products. In fact, we are the biggest destination for US cotton and soybean exports.

But as it seems impossible for President Trump to celebrate an untapped victory to pinch an opponent or opponent, just a few minutes before signing the agreement with China he took the opportunity to send a message to Apple, which he accused of not collaborating with justice in regarding the inviolability of its terminals. "We are helping Apple's trade all the time and in many other matters," he wrote, "and yet he refuses to unlock phones used by murderers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements. They will have to step forward and help our great country. On the day that Nancy Pelosi appointed the seven prosecutors who will take the impeachment accusation, Trump closed the first chapter of the commercial war altogether.



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