United States could plant record acreage of corn and soybeans

The United States could plant a record acreage of corn and soybeans.

The report prepared by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) with the first estimates of the spring planting intentions of its farmers is expected in late March. However, yesterday at the 97th USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum, the first figures were released.

The US Department of Agriculture expects 37.23 Mha of corn and 36.4 Mha of soybeans to be planted, which would be the largest combined acreage for the two crops. If these forecasts are met, 485,000 hectares more corn and 2.8 million more soybeans would be planted this year than in 2020.

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Regarding wheat, 18.2 Mha is expected, so plantings of corn, soybeans and wheat in the United States would reach nearly 92 Mha.


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