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United States, Democrats launch the race for the presidency of 2020

One year from the start of the primaries, several personalities are already in the running to run for the Democratic nomination. Saturday, January 12, the former mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro, 44, became 5e official claimant.

In the United States, political life is running at a fast pace. Each election night marks the beginning of the next campaign … Just turned the page of the parliamentary elections in November, the ambitions for the White House are displayed: to one year of the kickoff, in Iowa, primaries for appoint the Democratic candidate of November 2020, the list of contenders is already growing.

Most prominent: Julian Castro, 44

On February 3, 2020, America – and much of the planet – will be watching a small Midwestern state – Iowa. It is in these cold plains that traditionally begins the long race that leads to the White House. On that day, Iowa voters will be the first in the nation to voice their choices as to which candidate they want to wear the Democratic Party's colors in the November presidential election.

Will it be Julian Castro? At 44, the former mayor of San Antonio announced Saturday, January 12 to embark on the race. "When my grandmother came here almost 100 years ago, I'm sure she would never have imagined that only two generations later, one of her grandchildren would be an elected member of the US Congress. and the other one standing here today to say these words: I'm a candidate for the presidency of the United States. "he told San Antonio, referring to his Mexican grandmother and his twin brother.

In 2012, Julian Castro was chosen to deliver an important speech at the Democratic Convention. He is since one of the hopes of the party, with an anchorage on the left. It is in the name of universal health coverage and the protection of minorities that he announced he wants to challenge Donald Trump.

Waiting for Bernie Sanders and … Hillary Clinton?

In making his decision public, Julian Castro became 5e officially claiming in the running. Ex-Minister of Housing Barack Obama, he joined two congressional women – Senator Elizabeth Warren, 69, and Hawaiian Representative, Tulsi Gabbard, 37 – and two more obscure elected officials – Richard Ojeda, 48 , from West Virginia, and Maryland's former representative, John Delaney, 55 years old.

United States: Elizabeth Warren, champion of the middle class

But the list of names circulating as probable applicants is much longer. The Des Moines Register, Iowa's largest newspaper, noted that more than thirty personalities had previously raised the possibility of a candidacy, starting with former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders or the former mayor from New York, Michael Bloomberg. Some even mention the return of Hillary Clinton …

In December, the Des Moines Register released its first poll on the Democratic primary, which topped Joe Biden (32%), ahead of Bernie Sanders (19%) and Beto O'Rourke (11%), defeated in November 2018 while running for a seat from senator to Texas.

The very long walk to the White House

If the primaries do not start until one year, the candidates must take their momentum well in advance. They need to form a team, raise funds and, above all, build a network across the country's different states. On a winter day in February 2007, Barack Obama launched his march to the White House from Springfield, capital of Illinois.

Given the importance of showing well in the first leg, the campaign begins very early in Iowa, and the serious contenders have already made several trips to the site to make themselves known to voters and opinion leaders.

Two years after Donald Trump's victory, Democrats raise their heads

The visits to Des Moines are scrutinized. In the Democratic camp, but also in the Republican camp? Several figures have not ruled out the possibility of a bid to block the road to Donald Trump and prevent him from running for a second term.

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