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Former White House counselor during the term of Donald Trump, Pat Cipollonewas summoned by the Committee of the Lower House of USA to give a statement in the investigation that tries to clarify the storming the capitol from January 6, 2021.

MIRA: Trump pressured and threatened Vice President Pence to annul the US election, according to commission

The committee’s chairman, Bennie Thompson, and vice chairman, Liz Cheney, announced the requirement Wednesday after the investigation revealed that Cipollone was “concerned” about the legal consequences of “President Trump’s activities during the 6 of January and the days before.

The representatives of the committee specified in a letter addressed to the former counselor that, although they recognize his “commitment” to the investigation, they need to know his testimony and record it “as has been done in other congressional investigations with other former White House advisers.”

According to the committee’s inquiries, Cipollone was present at meetings with lawyers in which the strategies to be carried out to try to annul the elections that former President Donald Trump lost in 2020 were discussed.

Cipollone was one of Trump’s main supporters during the first impeachment trial against him, a process from which the former president was acquitted after a vote in the Senate in February 2020.

Cipollone’s subpoena comes just a day after Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to then-Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, provided more details about how aware the former president and his team were of the potential for violence on March 6. January.

According to Hutchinson’s account, Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, assured her a few days before January 6 that that date was going to be “big”, while her boss, Meadows, confessed that things could go “very badly”. , very bad” on that day.

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Days later, hundreds of his supporters stormed the headquarters of Congress while a joint session of the two chambers was held to ratify Biden’s electoral victory. A total of five people died in these events, including an agent who suffered a heart attack hours after the assault.