The Colombian government received this Wednesday in Bogotá 200 portable respirators donated by the United States that will serve to reinforce the hospital infrastructure that cares for patients affected by the coronavirus, official sources reported.

The United States Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg, also announced a contribution of seven million dollars to strengthen food security in areas of Colombia affected by the pandemic.

The fans delivered to Colombia through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), were received in the Bogotá Free Zone by President Iván Duque, who described the donation as “a show of solidarity, friendship” from the United States.

The head of state stressed that “there are not only 200 fans; they are an additional seven million dollars to meet the food needs of communities that have been affected by this pandemic.”

Duque said that a few weeks ago “we were facing difficulties in some parts of the territory and the United States was the first friendly country of Colombia that made 15 fans available.”

Ambassador Goldberg recalled that his country has contributed more than 30 million dollars to Colombia to face the pandemic, which leaves 102,009 infected and 3,470 dead in the country, according to the most recent report by the Ministry of Health.

He also assured that his country’s commitment “is to continue working with Colombia and with all relevant partners to support them in their efforts to prevent, mitigate and recover from COVID-19.”

The diplomat stressed that the donated respirators “represent thousands of lives that will be saved in the coming months, especially the lives of the most vulnerable.”

Duque not only appreciated the donations but also thanked Goldberg for his efforts to facilitate dialogues with the US private sector working on the development of coronavirus vaccines, so that, if successful, Colombia can “be on the first list of countries that they could have that space of universalization. “


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