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United States-France: the truths of John Bolton

The American national security adviser accompanies Donald Trump who meets Emmanuel Macron, Saturday, November 10, in Paris.

Washington maintains its uncompromising stance on Iran and the Mid-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

Affable, courteous, relaxed: US National Security Advisor John Bolton showed up in the diplomat's clothes on Friday, November 9, in front of a few journalists invited to meet him at the US embassy.

On the eve of the centenary ceremonies marking the end of the First World War, the US security adviser described Donald Trump's visit this weekend in Paris as an illustration of the steadiness of US engagement in Europe. " It was the first time that the United States deployed forces on the European continent ", says John Bolton, highlighting the excellence of the personal relationship between the US president and his French counterpart and their agreement on a large number of topics, despite the disagreements that may exist " between friends ". "In democracies, ensures John Boltonleaders represent the interests of their countries and this explains their sometimes different positions. "

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Donald Trump will meet with Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, November 10, and he may meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss the Syrian crisis and the aftermath of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi. On the other hand, the American president will not attend the opening of the Paris Peace Forum, organized at the initiative of his French counterpart to stress the importance of multilateralism in global governance.

A vision "Positive" from France, but a problem with Brussels

"This is not a stand against multilateralism, minimize John Bolton. The president is determined by what is the best way to protect the vital interests of the United States. The lesson of the First World War for the United States is that when a country becomes a world power, it has global interests to protect. " Donald Trump has a vision "Very positive" from France, insists his adviser. "His problem is with Brussels" who has the hands on the trade negotiations.

The US security adviser sought to justify the US administration's stance on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and the reinstatement of sanctions against Iran after slamming the door, at least once a month. May, of the nuclear agreement reached in July 2015.

"Russia has been violating the FNI for many years and the United States is the only country to remain bound by this treaty and therefore unable to respond., says John Bolton. The INF Treaty is overtaken by the development of new technologies. China, Iran, North Korea, India and Pakistan are strengthening their potential with capabilities that would violate the NIF treaty if these countries were signatories. There is no possibility today for this agreement to be expanded and become multilateral. "

The United States is consulting closely with its NATO allies on the possible deployment of missiles in Europe, says Bolton, saying "Very optimistic" on the possibility of reaching an agreement.

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The "destabilizing" action of Iran

On Iran, the national security adviser explains Washington's uncompromising stance, citing Tehran's continuation of its ballistic missile program, its increased support for terrorism, including recently in Europe, and its "Destabilizing" in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

"Iran is already beyond the limits set by the nuclear deal on certain aspects, says John Bolton. I am not sure that we know everything about their nuclear program and it is possible that they will violate it without our knowledge. Iran and North Korea have cooperated on missiles. Tehran financed the reactor built by North Korea in Syria and bombed by Israel in 2007. "

Donald Trump's advisor says the reinstatement of US sanctions has already had a significant impact on Iran's economy and Tehran's foreign policy, forcing the Iranian authorities to reduce their activities in Iraq and Syria. "People continue to show their displeasure and the economy is in a recession. "

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