If his supporters tout his talk-true, President Trump has always entertained a whimsical relationship with the truth. Since the beginning of his campaign in 2015, he has continued to embellish the reality and to utter exaggerations, half-truths, over-simplifications, even outright lies. In a recent interview on ABC where he was asked if he was telling the truth, he replied, "I try, I try really … I always want to tell the truth. When I can, I say it. "In recent days, in the run-up to elections, he has multiplied in his tweets and election rallies lies, some huge, to mobilize its base. The Washington Post had fun counting them in a meeting in early September in Montana. He arrived at thirty-eight false statements, twenty-two deceptive and two unproven statements, against twenty-six more or less exact. Only 30% of his speech. "Imagine what he'll say when he's campaigning for his own re-election in two years," the magazine quipped. politico.

Small non-exhaustive anthology.

Tax reduction

The president announced that he would introduce a 10% tax cut for the middle classes. "It will be implemented next week," he said in a rally on October 22. An implausible promise for the good reason that the Congress is not in session and resumes sitting only after the elections. This tax cut may take a little while: Donald Trump launched this idea without consulting his advisers or congressional Republicans. This statement is a way to make forget that his previous massive tax cut benefited mainly the rich and the companies.

Armament contract

Donald Trump is very proud of the huge $ 110 billion arms deal he signed last year with Saudi Arabia. Everywhere, he repeats that this contract will create a lot of jobs in the United States. How many ? As the elections approach, the number is increasing! It was 450,000 on October 13 in front of reporters, 500,000 on October 16 in an interview on Fox News, 600,000 on the 19th at a round table on a military base and "over a million" a few minutes later at journalists! At this rate, we will be 10 million in 2020 during his re-election campaign … Defense experts, they are very skeptical.

According to them, jobs will be mostly created in Saudi Arabia. A document by military equipment manufacturer Lockheed Martin quoted by Reuters, estimates that 20,000 to 40,000 defense industry workers could be involved in the production of the Saudi contract, many already employed. Still, all tanks, missiles, and bombs must all be purchased. However, very few contracts have been signed so far, many orders have no dates or are planned for after 2022.

The wall

Donald Trump repeats to anyone who wants to hear that the work of the construction of the wall on the Mexican border has started. "We started building the wall and it's moving forward … faster than anyone could believe," he said in an election rally in Kentucky mid-October. He even tweeted pictures of a section in California. Except that this is an old project planned since 2009 and not the wall of concrete 10 to 12 meters in height that he promised but a palisade. The president asked for 25 billion to build the wall, but Congress, for the moment, has granted him only 1.6 billion …


Without any evidence, Donald Trump claimed that "criminals and individuals from the Middle East" had crept into the caravan of Central American migrants moving toward the United States, suggesting the presence of Arab terrorists. However, if all the migrants who enter illegally on the American territory are not Latinos, their number remains very small. Of the more than 300,000 individuals arrested last year, less than 100 came from the Middle East. The president also tweeted: "We will NOT let these caravans, which consist of some very dangerous hooligans and gang members, enter the United States. Our border is sacred, we must come legally. Make a U-turn. Small precision, migrants do not intend to enter illegally but to seek asylum.

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Ground law

President Trump has announced that he wants to sign a land rights decree for children born to parents in the United States who are in an irregular situation. Such a decision would provoke a multitude of lawsuits because, according to specialists, the president does not have this power. This is a violation of the Constitution and the 14th Amendment. This amendment, adopted in 1868, was intended to protect former slaves. But some conservatives believe that it should not be applied to migrants. Donald Trump also said that the United States is "the only country in the world" to enforce soil law. Which is wrong. It is in force in dozens of countries, including France.

The economy

At each intervention, he boasts of his economic success. "We have the best economy in history," he repeats. It is true that the economy is doing well even if it is partly thanks to the stimulus measures taken by his predecessor Barack Obama. But looking closely at all the indicators, she is doing worse than under Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton.

The health

The Affordable Care Act, Barack Obama's health reform "is dead, gone, no longer exists," Donald Trump said a year ago. Once again, he takes his desires for realities. The Republicans struggled to eliminate it but failing to get there, they began to dismantle its acquired end by end in the hope of imploding. Twenty states, controlled by the Conservatives, have launched a lawsuit claiming that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and demanding its removal, including the provision that prohibits insurers from denying individuals with medical histories.

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