United States. The IQ test according to Trump

United States. The IQ test according to Trump


Sitting at tables of students too small for them, Donald Trump, president of the United States, and Rex Tillerson, his secretary of State, complete an exam paper of intelligence quotient (QI). The president eyeing shamelessly on the copy of his neighbor. the “Trump says he would beat Tillerson in a competition of QI, says the american draughtsman Danziger. A reference to the bluster of Trump during an interview for Forbes, on 10 October, in response to the rumor that his secretary of State had treaty of“the idiot”.

The idea that the president of the United States passes a test of QI has a lot of fun the “late shows” americans, these comedy programs of the second part of the evening, including the Guardian has compiled the best sketches. The presenter, Stephen Colbert, spinning him also the metaphor schoolgirl, notes, imitating the voice of the president, that “the school year has been hard for Donald Trump. His school report will say for sure that it has difficulties to work and to play with his friends.” He claims to have received the results of the tests of QI of the two politicians and said :

Tillerson has been 120. It is above average, not amazing, but still pretty good. And we have the results of Donald Trump right there. This is a drawing of a big truck with writing MAGA [“Make America Great Again”, his campaign slogan].”

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