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Universal accessibility in the municipal web portals of El Ejido

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The Local Government Board held at the El Ejido City Council took a new step towards the implementation of one of the projects included in the EDUSI, which will consist of the El Ejido City Council web portals offering their content with accessibility tools that will facilitate navigation for people with functional diversity.

This project gives continuity to the line of work maintained by the El Ejido City Council, for which universal accessibility to municipal services is a priority, a condition for guarantee the rights of all people whatever your situation. Digital tools are being implemented at high speed, so it is necessary to take advantage of them to eliminate barriers and that is why one of the projects included in the EDUSI (Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy) is this one.

All municipal websites, a total of 13, will implement the new system

To achieve this improvement, a robot on all municipal Internet portals that will make these websites fully accessible. Through this service, compliance with the UNE 139803: 2012 standard for web content is ensured, guaranteeing accessibility. Note the effort that is being carried out by the local government at the time of adapt the municipal website to the requirements of people with disabilities. In this way, it will become a more accessible, practical and intuitive consultation tool for people with hearing, visual or any other difficulties.

The user of the municipal portal will only have to use a link or tab enabled on the website to activate the new service and will have instant access to the toolkit for navigation through a configuration system, with a simple bar that will allow you to adapt the aids to your needs and preferences. The project includes the thirteen portals that the City Council currently maintains active.

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Navigation will also be made easier for older people with reading problems or low digital skills and it will also facilitate the navigation of all the users of the web that will be able to establish some preferences when consulting the contents.

This project, with an amount of 36.300 euros, is included within the EDUSI, being 80% co-financed by the ERDF within the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain Spain 2014-2020 and 20% by the Consistory of El Ejido.


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