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Universal Credit leaves Girl, 9, begging for work that sweeps the floors to feed the family and help her dad

A nine-year-old girl begged for work so she could feed her family after late payments from Universal Credit left her unemployed father.
The begging child called a charity and said that her mother had died and her father recently lost his job as a truck driver in the Torbay area of ​​Devon.
Ellie Waugh, CEO of Facebook Humanity, received a phone call from a nine-year-old girl begging for work after her father's Universal Credit payment was penniless due to delays. And because of a five-week delay in Father's first universal credit payment, the family has barely had anything to eat in the house.
She turned to Humanity Torbay – the support and food banks for vulnerable people – to clean floors or make beds to help the family make ends meet.
Ellie Waugh, charity director, said the girl told her that she "will do everything I can to buy a Christmas present for my brother and sister," reports The Mirror.
The girl also said, "I can cook and I do not mind working on a Saturday and Sunday or after school."
Getty Images – Getty Universal Credit has led some claimants to face delayed benefits. Some people were destitute for weeks. Ellie said she had cried after accepting the shattering phone call and immediately turned to the girl's father for support.
Volunteers went to the house with food parcels and strangers offered to donate Christmas turkeys to the family of three children and their father.
The single father, who wanted to remain anonymous, is said to have cried with pride when he learned of his young daughter's extraordinary selflessness.
Ellie has now invited Theresa May and Labor and Pension Minister Esther McVey to visit her charity.
She said, "I want you to see what Universal Credit really does and how 'no hope' can be seen in people's eyes when they ask for food."
The heart of the girl is the recent incident involving the government's controversial Universal Credit Guideline, which replaces several existing benefits payments.
But the launch was fraught with problems – hundreds of Britons said they had put them in debt.
Universal Credit will be rolled out across the UK and people receiving benefits will be transferred to the new system from next year.
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A DWP spokesman told SunOnline, "We will urgently investigate this case. Nobody has to wait for support when they need it before their first Universal Credit payment.
"The advances have increased up to 100%, and we're paying housing subsidies for two weeks when people switch to Universal Credit.
"We have heard the concerns about the provision and financing of Universal Credit and in response announced a cash boost of 4.5 billion pounds.
"We're going to raise the amount people can earn with Universal Credit by £ 1,000 before their payment starts, and we offer a smooth transition transition to applicants who average $ 200 on the system.
"Recently, we announced a £ 39 million partnership with Citizens Advice to provide universal support that will help people claim and manage their entitlement to Universal Credit."
Homeless People's Head Ellie Waugh says Universal Credit is leaving more and more people homeless and pushing women into prostitution. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for the Sun Online News Team? Write us an email at or call us on 0207 782 4368. WhatsApp you can order us on 07810 791 502. We also pay for videos. Click here to upload yours.


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