Universities – Freiburg im Breisgau – climate activists occupy the lecture hall in Freiburg University – education

Freiburg (dpa / lsw) – About 65 climate activists have occupied a lecture hall at the university in Freiburg. The main aim of the campaign was to persuade the university to declare a “social-ecological emergency”, said a spokesman for the activists on Tuesday. The demonstrators, who also spent Tuesday night in the lecture hall, were mostly university students. The group wants to continue to occupy the lecture hall until the university responds to its main demands.

The lectures and seminars at the university were hardly affected by the action, said a spokesman for the university on Tuesday. “We manage to move all events taking place in this room to other rooms.”

The concern of the group supports the university very much, said the university spokesman. Three members of the university management met with the activists on Monday evening and talked about their demands. These are “primarily aimed at politicians”, the university will “support the students to the best of its ability”.

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