Universities rebel against the Feijoo government for telematic teaching | Radio Galicia

The Ministry of Education has been forced to withdraw a proposal for the digitization of teaching with which he tried to give priority to non-contact education. The rectors believe that it is necessary to advance in the use of new technologies but not in a hasty way and favoring the private sector.

The anger is monumental in the three Galician public universities at what they consider an authentic interference of the Feijoo government in university autonomy. In fact, they have developed an alternative plan that involves progressively promoting telematic teaching but always prioritizing face-to-face teaching.

They reject the intention of the Xunta to convert the three public universities into distance universities within two years. Here at SER, the rector of USC, Antonio López, assures that they are in favor of increasing digital teaching, but always maintaining the University of Santiago as a face-to-face university. Otherwise, it would be a change of model that they do not share.

The Xunta’s arguments

The Xunta assures that withdraws the proposal before the use for confrontation that some groups are making of it. In the statement released, it does not explain which groups are making this use or for what purposes.

In any case, the Galician government defends that its commitment to digitization was intended to follow the path marked by universities around the world, and regret that the Galician students miss the opportunity to have more degrees with semi-presential teaching with innovative teaching already next year. When withdrawing this draft, they will have to wait, says the Xunta, at least for the 2021/2022 academic year.

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