University Coalition awaits support from the OAS

University Coalition awaits support from the OAS

Students of the University Coalition who traveled last week to Washington DC and met with officials from the United States and the Organization of American States (OAS), to expose the crisis in Nicaragua, claim to have found “an ally” in the town American.
Víctor Cuadras, spokesman for the University Coalition, informed on Saturday when arriving in Managua, that they presented a strategy to Luis Almagro, the OAS Secretary General, and that it is “being reviewed.”
Nicas in the USA UU support protests
Cuadras, who traveled to Washington with university students Zayda Hernández and Fernando Sánchez and a delegation from civil society, said he was “very satisfied” with the meeting the university students had with Almagro. “Luis was extremely polite, he knows the situation in Nicaragua very well and he promised to help the Nicaraguan people,” he said.

Regarding the statement issued in support of the Nicaraguan people by the OAS General Assembly, described by some Nicaraguan opponents as not very forceful, Cuadras said that as a diplomatic agency, the OAS “will at some point take positions that we can not understand, but within that’s a strategy. ”
Hooded kill young
During their trip, the students met with US congressmen and senators. UU., Student leaders of Cuba and Venezuela, journalists and officials of different organizations. “We have found an ally in the people of the United States of America,” assured Cuadras.

“We ran through the corridors of the State Department, through the streets of Washington, we were in the offices of the Congress, in the Senate, and we cried and broke, but never declined. The blood of our brothers demands strength, frontality, forcefulness and courage. The fight continues inside and outside of this land, “stressed the university student.
One dead and several injured, including children, in clashes in Masaya
The OAS on Friday asked the Government of Nicaragua to guarantee the safety of the three student leaders who traveled to Washington, who are being threatened, according to the agency. The OAS also requested security for Migueliuth Sandoval Cruz, widow of journalist Ángel Gahona, killed during the April protests in Bluefields.

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