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You can lose with any rival, less against the one of a lifetime…

It hurts to see this situation. You have to change from the players, they are the only ones who can reverse this situation and give it a different panorama. Let’s hope that all this changes, we are already tired of waiting and waiting. It hurts that they beat you at home.

As a former striker, efficiency rules in football. Alex Valera has his back to the goal, but his effectiveness also depends on how the team works…

This is not tennis, here the situations are based on ten more players. One as a striker depends on the partner. You have to improve some movements with Valera. The technician must improve it. No one can deny the commitment he has with the team, but the striker lives by scoring.

And if not…

From the goal pass, the dirty work, but when a team loses unfortunately you don’t see any of that. That was not seen in the classic.

Are you surprised by the substitution of Piero Quispe?

I am not going to get into technical issues out of respect for what Universitario is developing. He will know what to do, and make his decisions. The day to day in training is what gives you to know how you are for the game of the weekend. Sometimes not everything can be unguided in practice. There are players who are measured in practice, but in games they give themselves up. I don’t know what Quispe’s situation is, since I’m not in the day-to-day, but let’s hope it’s resolved for the good of the team. Universitario needs to get out of this situation, they must achieve the championship that has been elusive for a long time. It does not matter who is here, but those who can support do so with all their hearts for the good of the University. The ‘U’ is above all.

Next year is the Centenary of University

Hopefully there are people more identified with the ‘U’ in the club, they need it. Yesterday (in the classic) that was noticed in many aspects. You know what I mean. I mean it honestly, given the opportunity to go, I would have no qualms about helping Universitario. It interests me that the ‘U’ do well, and prepare it for the Centenary because we need to get out of this situation in which we find ourselves.

You recently made your debut as a coach in Colombia, and you are constantly training abroad. Are you ready to direct University?

Here many speak from experience. I don’t know what they call experience. Experience is gained by training. The world is already turning around. It is being demonstrated in Argentina, in Colombia, in Europe, where they are giving opportunities to young people, from home, in clubs. Look what Gago does in Racing, Ibarra in Boca, in the same Argentina team with Scaloni. All the journalists hit him hard, they didn’t believe in him, and he did something that many experienced technicians failed to achieve over the years. I have been fortunate to be a technical assistant for three years, I went to specialize in Europe, Mexico, and he was active until last year.

What happened?

Unfortunately I resigned from the team. I want to be part of a technical command, since I have it, I just wait for the opportunity to direct. Every time one talks about opportunity, they say they want people with experience. Well, let them continue to think that an eighty-year-old person is going to continue directing. What better than to give an opportunity to people who have prepared themselves, who live from this, and who demonstrate their conditions. In the end if it doesn’t, bye and done.

Is there a lack of leaders in the ‘U’? In the classic there were two situations that illustrated the absence of leaders. A: holding Paul Sabbag after his goal. Two: the lack of Carlos Zambrano to Piero Quispe and later gesture…

I am not against celebrations as long as there is no disrespect. Succar, in Matute, did nothing wrong. One can celebrate, but without disrespecting the fans, the players. Later, Quispe entered and they kicked him a lot. If I see that they don’t defend my partner, I go and do it myself. I did it at the time as a footballer. My teammates on the pitch are my brothers, no one can touch them. You can kick, whether with good or bad intentions, the player who does it knows that, but the others also have to make themselves felt.

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