University of Mauritius: students irritated by lack of parking spaces

The lack of parking spaces becomes unbearable for students going to the University of Mauritius. Since August, several have complained that they cannot park near the gymnasium of the higher education institution.

“We are forced to leave our vehicles in remote places, which does not reassure us at all in terms of safety. »Comment from Leena, a disillusioned student. She believes that the situation has lasted too long: “We took our trouble patiently. We are now awaiting constructive action from the University of Mauritius (UoM). “

She claims that the management forbids students to park their vehicles on the premises of the establishment. However, there are many free parking spaces but they would be reserved for UoM employees.

However, Leena alleges that the children of staff members, who also study at the university, have the right to use these locations. “This double standard policy annoys students enormously. We have communicated our grievances to the UoM administration, but for lack of reaction from the management, it seems to us that our complaints have fallen on deaf ears, ”says our interlocutor.

Work in progress

The administration of the UoM, questioned by the editorial staff of Xplik or K, replies that work is underway next to the gymnasium. They are carried out by the Road Development Authority and the company TransInvest. “These measures,” says communications officer Amreeta Nivault, “follow parking difficulties at the university. The management discussed with the officers in charge of the work to arrange a parking lot for the students. It will be located behind the gymnasium, opposite the main road, and will therefore be very accessible. This project should make it possible to accommodate 210 student vehicles.

Regarding the parking space made available to staff, the manager points out that no complaint on this subject has been reported to the authorities concerned.