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Unloved, from California to Saint-Malo

The Irish-American trio released "Heartbreak", captivating new album, dubbed by Etienne Daho.

By Stéphane Davet Posted today at 06:18, updated at 06:18

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The Unloved trio: Jade Vincent, (in the foreground), Keefus Ciancia (right) and David Holmes in London, in April 2018.
The Unloved trio: Jade Vincent, (foreground), Keefus Ciancia (right) and David Holmes, London, April 2018. STEVE GULLICK

Fan, press agent and even real estate agent … Etienne Daho definitely does not save himself for Unloved. In 2016, the dandy pop confided us that the first album of this trio American-Irish, Guilty of Love, stirring sixties echo of "girl groups", dark meanders of trip hop and b.o. epic way Ennio Morricone, had him "Returned the brain ".

He had given the record to all his friends and had gone to meet this still confidential group at a London concert to convince them to participate in Blitz (2017), his eleventh opus. "He was so nice, so excited! Nobody had told us about our music as it did », Singer Jade Vincent, who along with her companion Keefus Ciancia keyboard and North Irish producer / DJ David Holmes, is unconfused, is surprised again.

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The exchanges have not stopped since. To the point that before inviting Unloved to his first part for five nights, at L'Olympia, at the end of 2018, the Rennais, heard on one of the titles (Remember) of Heartbreak – the captivating new album of the trio -, also managed to convince the Californian couple to move in a house that they got them in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine).

At the end of January, the Americans received us in this modern villa, located 100 meters from the sea. "The place and the climate are very inspiring. The elements have a real emotional impact », says Jade Vincent, still shaken by the storm of the day. The Malouin romanticism seems to speak to these experts in stormy atmospheres, even if their songs bathed more, until then, in the wetness of the Los Angeles of David Lynch that in windy Brittany of Chateaubriand.

"A voice from another world"

Serious voice, slightly veiled, sticking perfectly to her silhouette of a fatal brunette, evoking a Gothic heroine, the young man in his fifties, with elegantly tattooed arms, could have disturbed the author of Memoirs from beyond the grave. The singer, author of the deeply exalted texts of Unloved, asserts herself as the muse of the trio.

"The first time I saw it, I felt like I heard a voice from another world, as if I was going back to the 1940s," says David Holmes on the phone from his home town of Belfast. In Saint-Malo, the couple came closer to Daho, but also to this North-Irish, historical figure of British electro, whose recording studio and huge collection of records are the instruments of creation. Whether it's his solo albums, movie music – especially Steven Soderbergh's: Ocean's Eleven, trapped, The Good German… – or pieces of Unloved.


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