Unpleasant truth about the opening of the Taiwanese mission: what ended the heroic struggle of our diplomatic leaders

D. Kuolys wrote a public post about it on Facebook, which he called “our heroic quiver”. With the consent of the author, Delphi shares his thoughts:

“This Wednesday, an experienced politician and parliamentarian Laima Andrikienė announced in her face book:” Taiwan’s representative office in Lithuania has been opened today “! I asked: is it really Taiwanese, maybe Taiwanese? “Taiwan,” Laima replies. Only those who “want to cheat translate from English to Lithuanian as ‘Taiwanese’,” he explains.

Sadly, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems to have outwitted even the Member of the Seimas Laima Andrikienė, who has seen many political performances in her life. After a day, she is editing her records, “D. Kuolys wrote on Facebook.

He noted that neither the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis nor the Deputy Minister Mantas Adomėnas had attended the official opening of the mission.

“Our head of diplomacy, who promised the authoritarian Chinese regime over Taiwan’s freedom to fight as a partisan in the face book of Juozas Lukša-Daumantas, did not even come to the grand opening of the” Taiwan Representation “.

His deputy Mantas Adomėnas did not appear at the ceremonies either, having recently convinced the Seimas that it is necessary to take a “value position towards Taiwan” and fight principally “for the protection of democracies on the other side of the world”, D. Kuolys noted.

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He also recalled M. Adomė’s interview on the topic of the Taiwanese mission “Knowledge Radio”. Delphi wrote about it – read here.

“Through the” Knowledge Radio “, Deputy Foreign Minister Mantas explained to us:

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“Lithuania, like the vast majority of countries in the world, has given its recognition to Beijing. This means that both cannot be recognized at the same time. […] We have communicated quite clearly from the outset that we are not talking about setting up or opening a diplomatic mission. […] I hope that when she does [diplomatinio statuso neturinti Taivaniečių atstovybė] will start to work and it will be clear to everyone what the nature of that relationship is [su Kinija] normalizuosis “.

Thus, the heroic struggle of our diplomatic leaders “for the protection of democracies on the other side of the world” that lasted for months ended this week with a public statement that Lithuania never spoke about the establishment of a Taiwanese diplomatic mission.

And the tearful fact: the Taiwanese representative office opened in Lithuania will be headed by Eric Huang, the head of the representative office in Taipei, or Taipei, in Latvia. The representative office of Taipei, which the Latvians opened a long time ago. And without the heroic pathetics of war, “D. Kuolys added.

Started operations

The Taiwanese mission started working in Vilnius last week.

Eric Huang has been appointed head of the Taipei office in Latvia.

The Taiwanese mission is presented as an office for the development of trade, economic and cultural relations, but it will also handle consular matters. The rulers emphasize that the mission does not have diplomatic status.

Lithuania’s decision to allow the Taiwanese representation in the country to act on behalf of the Taiwanese angers China, which is protesting against any attempts by Taiwan to act as an independent state.

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Elsewhere in the world, Taiwanese missions are acting on behalf of the capital, Taipei, following an international consensus that the name does not run counter to the “one China” policy of preventing Taiwan from being treated as a separate state.

In recent years, relations between Lithuania and China have steadily deteriorated. In the spring, Lithuania withdrew from the Central and Eastern European cooperation format with China 17 + 1.

A few months ago, China recalled its ambassador to the country and demanded that Lithuania do the same. Ambassador Diana Mickevičienė returned to Vilnius for consultations in early September.

On Sunday, China announced that Beijing had officially lowered the level of diplomatic representation with Lithuania before the trustees.

This means that Chinese and Lithuanian ambassadors will no longer work in Vilnius and Beijing, and lower-ranking diplomats will head the diplomatic missions.

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