Unprofitable, build more refineries: Pemex


[email protected] Cancun, QR.- For Mexico, the best option in the field of petroleum is to maintain and add a plant to an existing refinery, which is more profitable than building a new one, said Carlos Murrieta Cummings, director of Pemex Transformación Industrial. “The amount of investment is not less, a refinery is very expensive. It is not the same to put a plant that put tank, security, prepare land to operate that new plant, it is convenient to put the plant in the existing refinery, “explained Murrieta Cummings during the Convention Onexpo Nacional 2018. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, candidate for the presidency by the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia, proposes the construction of two refineries in the country as part of its political platform in energy matters. “If you have a car and have a maintenance that you need to get a little more of the car, if you are missing certain things and do not have many resources, what are you going to do? Well, the first thing you do is fix the one you have, “he exemplified. The last refinery built in the United States dates back 40 years and halved the number of refineries that were 40 years ago “because what you do is concentrate and strengthen them more and more,” said Murrieta Cummings. He added that previously the refineries produced a lot of fuel oil, so in the United States and Mexico it was decided to have equipment to convert that product into gasoline and diesel. “That is much more profitable than making a new one, to make a new one is to put in tanks, prepare the land, a whole series of things that does not compare to just putting a plant in an existing one,” he reiterated. Murrieta Cummings stressed that refining always prioritizes the adjustment of production profile in demand before more volume. On the other hand, he said that Pemex will execute a scheme where every year it will stop the operations of two refineries to maintain them. This year, possibly they will be those of Tula and Salamaca, and later Salina Cruz and Cadereyta. Tula and Salamanca are in the same region, in this regard, Murrieta Cummings said they will not stop operating at the same time. “It would be crazy to take them out at the same time, that is, you have to take one and when you return you take the other, and neither joke about December or Holy Week,” he explained. If the planning is correct, the maintenance process takes between 30 and 40 days, he said. These processes of stopping operations will be carried out every three or four years. Regarding the increase in the prices of gasoline derived from the rebound of petroprecios internationally, said that Mexico is impacted by that reality. “We are in an international market, in that sense it is the same as corn or things like that; If corn and these commodities change their price worldwide, it is impossible not to be aligned with them, then sooner or later they will hit you, “he said. Of the speed with which these prices will increase, he pointed out that it is complicated to anticipate it, but indicated that “if they continue, it is feasible that at some point they will have an impact”.


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