Unpublished ruling: a teenager will have two fathers and a mother – Society

The family judge of the 3rd Nomination, Julia Rossi, explained her decision to Cadena 3, after the minor legally requested to bear the surname of her “father of the heart”.

The magistrate clarified that there are already various family forms in reality, and in this resolution an affective bond of daughter-father is recognized, “built and enabled by the biological parents.”

And he explained how the story that came to this resolution was: “A lady who has a daughter separates. The man maintains the role of father and the mother establishes a new affective relationship, with a man who also fulfills the paternal role, during many years. Time passed, the girl lived with her mother, with her biological father and finally the adolescent at the age of 15 ends up living until today with her father of the heart. “

“The law recognizes what is commonly called ‘parents of the heart’ and a communication system was requested to continue sharing with the girl,” he said.
“For Argentine law, we are parents by genetics, adoption or with assisted fertilization. She went to the trial with a lawyer and told what this father of the heart means to her, who assisted her in her education, health and activities,” said the judge.

It was recalled what the girl had said: “I identify myself in informal circles with the last name of my father from the heart and I want to have his first, then the biological one and then my mother’s.”

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