Unraveling the mystery of a horrific crime in Fayoum, Egypt… The older brother slaughtered his sister!

Egyptian security revealed the details of the mystery incident of finding the body of a slain girl inside her brother’s apartment in Fayoum Governorate.

In the details, and according to the Egyptian media, the Fayoum Security Directorate received a notification from the police station, according to a report from the people of the Baghous neighborhood, that the body of a young woman was found slaughtered inside her brother’s apartment in a property overlooking the Youssef Sea in Fayoum, where the police officers immediately went to the place of the report And it was found that the body of a young woman named Aya H.M (25 years), completely butchered and soaked in her blood.

Investigations revealed that the older brother of the victim, Tariq, 28, was behind the horrific crime, as he drew a knife and slaughtered it inside his apartment where he lives with his wife, after a quarrel broke out between them, while the reasons for the quarrel are unknown so far.

The Egyptian security forces were able to arrest the accused, and he is being investigated, while the body of the young woman was transferred to the morgue at the disposal of the competent authorities, who ordered the assignment of a forensic doctor to autopsy the body and indicate the injuries, and prepare a full report with the specifications and causes of death, and notify the competent authorities that carried out the investigation.

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