Unscrupulous Horse Ojeks Who Palak Bromo Tourists Apologize


A horse motorcycle taxi driver who went viral harassing Bromo tourists has been arrested. The person apologized for what he had done.

The person on the horse motorcycle taxi is Suyono, a resident of Cemara Lawang Hamlet, Ngadisari Village, Sukapura, Probolinggo Regency. The 52-year-old man was detained at his home.

Suyono apologized in the circulating video. In the 48-second video, Suyono apologizes to all Indonesian people, all tourists, especially to Aldi, the owner of the tiktok account @aldidutcho. Suyono also promised not to do it again.

“Good afternoon to all Indonesian people, I am Mr. Suyono, a horse guide in the Mount Bromo tourist area. Sorry for the viral video of me doing something inappropriate. Once again I apologize profusely, especially to Mr. Aldi, the owner of the tiktok account @aldidutcho and me promise not to do it again,” explained Suyono in his apology.

Probolinggo Police Chief AKBP Teuku Arsya Gaddafi said the police coordinated with the TNI and the TNBTS (Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park) Center for immediate follow-up as soon as the viral video went viral.

“The police together with the TNI and the TNBTS Great Hall intervened by looking for the horse motorcycle taxi driver who did the blazing, and the person has apologized. We have given punishments to provide a deterrent effect to the perpetrators. This quick step was taken to realize a humane attitude and maintain cultural wisdom local,” said Arsya, Thursday (23/6/2022).

Arsya said that it was hoped that Suyono would realize and be a deterrent for what he was doing. Because what Suyono did not only hurt the feelings of tourists and the wider community, it could also violate the law.

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“Apart from making noise and hurting the feelings of tourists and the wider community, the perpetrators also carried out acts of extortion,” said Arsya.

Arsya added that Suyono’s apology by admitting his mistakes and not repeating them was a form of punishment with a deterrent effect that prioritizes conduciveness and education by prioritizing restorative justice.

“Given the good intentions of this actor, it is a reason to be given restorative justice. Especially now that the Mount Bromo tourism sector has started to rise since the COVID-19 pandemic, his actions have made the image of Mount Bromo tourism bad,” added Arsya.

All parties, the Police, TNI and BB TNBTS, appealed not to let a similar incident happen again. The police asked Bromo visitors to be treated well so that the Tengger culture or local wisdom can be maintained, and Mount Bromo tourism continues to be good and become a world idol tour.

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