This is a first in the history of the French Republic: the wife of the president will appear in a television series, reveals Le Parisien in its edition this morning. The event will take place this Saturday, September 15, at 20:45 on France 2. Brigitte Macron will be the guest-star of an unprecedented episode of Cloakroom, broadcast just after the Journal of 20 Hours. The wife of Emmanuel Macron will play his own role in this short series (the episodes last three minutes). Launched in 2011, it follows the daily life of disabled swimmers in training by grabbing their exchanges in the locker room, full of humor on their world view. A light way to change the way you look at disability. This is what prompted the First Lady to accept this novel proposal. Brigitte Macron felt that her time in Cloakrooms would allow her to communicate as effectively as through speeches on the themes of "vulnerabilities" and "inclusion" that are dear to her.⋙ Hairdresser, cars, collaborators … how much is Brigitte Macron to the State? It is last April that the producer of the series, Sophie Deloche, took her phone to submit her idea to Brigitte Macron which, reports Le Parisien, would have first expressed its doubts by answering "I do not know how to do that." But the producer insisted on the message that Vestiaires, which has already convinced several people sensitive to this issue to participate (Clémentine Célarié, Florent Manaudou …) Sophie Deloche has thus obtained the agreement of the First Lady, who turned on May 18 in the studios of Bègles, in the suburbs of Bordeaux. "The political references (" eyes in the eyes ", heard especially as a dialogue) crispy between the most agreed exchanges on disability, "says Le Parisien, who was able to attend the shooting, stating:" after two minutes of performance barely, curtain! "If, in the United States, we have already seen Michelle Obama make appearances winks in series (NCIS, Parks and Recreation …) during his stay at La Maison Blanche, this performance of "actress" of a First Lady in office is unprecedented in France and made of already on Saturday night broadcast a small TV event!


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