Unusual: he inherited nine million dollars, he can’t collect it and is at risk of losing it

The episode takes place in Australia. Clare Brown has a large inheritance waiting for her, which reaches about 9 million dollars. But her father left a will with a single clause to collect it, which she -for the moment- is not willing to comply with.

It happens that the late Brown recorded his last wish that his daughter had to fulfill in order to have the 9 million dollars in his possession. According to her will, the only clause that she has as a requirement is that she get a job and (after obtaining it), that fortune will be automatically credited to her.

But the picture of situation is not presented at all simple. Now, Clare Brown went out to ask the media for help in order for the Justice to listen to her, since she requested the revocation of the clause in her father’s will, alleging that she has a diagnosis of ADHD, which is a “Disorder due to attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder” and that this “makes it impossible for him to have a stable job”. “Give me what is rightfully mine. I am suffering, ”said the woman, through tears, to the press, to publicize the drama that she is experiencing.

Thus, Brown, Clare’s father had a very good time, after dedicating his life to being a stockbroker, which allowed him to accumulate a fortune, from which she can inherit those 9 million. It is also good to know that when the young woman made the decision to live alone and left the family home, her father gave her a “weekly allowance” of $500.