Unusual: he received an infraction because the photofilm mistook a T-shirt with his license plate | Chronicle

What happened to David Knight It is so unusual that it traveled the world. Any given day, the man, hailing from the UK, was surprised to see a ticket for driving in a bus lane in the city of Bath, almost 200 kilometers from his home.

As detailed in the sanction, the offense had been carried out in June, something impossible since he had not been there on those dates.

When he checked the images he saw something totally unexpected: uA woman walking along the bus lane with a T-shirt with the word “Knitter”. Apparently the traffic camera had confused the word with his license plate “KN19TER”.

According to what the local media explained, his wife was quick to contact the city council to alert the officials of his mistake and, fortunately, the fine of 90 pounds was withdrawn, about 130 dollars.

The couple took the confusion as a joke, yes there was no way I was going to pay for a woman walking down the bus lane with a funny t-shirt “said the man.



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