Unusual! Nicolás Maduro began to “talk” with a horse during an event in honor of Hugo Chávez

Even at the top of Cerro Ávila, in Caracas – called Waraira Repano by the Chavista regime – the president of Venezuela does not stop starring in unusual scenes. This October 20, in a transmission through his social networks, with a microphone in hand and accompanied by his wife Cilia Flores, Nicolás Maduro saw himself “talking” with a horse.

“Here I am, look … Let’s go forward, yes, do we walk together? Let’s go forward, well, how beautiful is our homeland. And today, nine years later, we remember our unforgettable commander Hugo Chávez Frías, nine years old, and Hugo Chávez’s path is more alive than ever, and that’s the way I’m going, shall we? ”Maduro said as he ordered the colt to follow him .

The president of the neighboring country met in that area of ​​Caracas with representatives of the communal councils as a tribute to the late Commander Chávez and the ninth anniversary of the inauguration of 118 Socialist Mission Bases.

Other unfortunate statements by the socialist leader came to light on Wednesday afternoon. During a television broadcast, he referred to his willingness to reestablish consular relations between Colombia and Venezuela. “In Venezuela there are six million Colombians and they do not have consular assistance because the Government of Iván Duque does not give it to them. In Colombia there are approximately 600,000 VenezuelansMany of them relatives of the Colombians who came to Venezuela, ”Maduro declared, ignoring that 1.7 million Venezuelan migrants are living in the country, who fled the humanitarian crisis and its repression.

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