The game of the century is coming, the one that everyone expects and the one that will mark a before and after in the history of Argentine football. River and Boca will play the final of the Copa Libertadores and nobody wants to miss it.

It is known that both stadiums will be small and there will be many fans that will be left out of the final. For this reason, it is not surprising that the First resale tickets and the prices are really unusual.

On the site, one of the most recognized ticket sales for different events, you can find tickets for the first leg. There are tall stalls that go from 63 thousand pesos to low seats that reach 118 thousand.

For the return match for now there are fewer entries, but you can already see 50 thousand pesos and seats above 70 thousand. The reality is that prices are going up and we will surely end up seeing most entries above 100 thousand.

Also travel agencies are offering a really expensive pack to watch this game. A 3-night accommodation in a 4-star hotel was made viral, breakfast, transfers, city tour and tickets for a high audience for a value of $ 3,369 (122,631 pesos). How much would you pay for this end?


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